Write with a Passion

By - December 26, 2011

I've heard a lot of frustrated writers say things like, "I wish I wrote such-and-such genre, because it's selling so well right now."  For me, this argument could go a lot of ways.  On the one hand, I know a few writers who make a living writing one thing, because they're good at it, but it wouldn't necessarily be what they'd write  for fun.  On the other, bigger hand, it's important to write what you're passionate about, because chances are, you'll be better at it.

For anyone who wants to write but isn't sure where to start, I'd say picking an idea--and a genre--you're excited about is where it's at.  If I'd first sat down to write a novel without an idea that had me jumping out of my chair, I'm not sure I'd have ever finished.  I write thrillers and women's fiction because they're what I like to read.  That's not to say one day I won't suddenly develop the itch to try my hand at fantasy or young adult (never say never!), but they aren't my true loves.  I've read some great books in those genres, but they aren't what I know, what I thrive on.  

So when the temptation to hop on  a bandwagon striked, stick with your true loves.  True love means writing with a passion.