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Mystery Lite with LynDee Walker: No, I Did Not Make That Up

By - August 22, 2013

Amazon Bestselling author of FRONT PAGE FATALITY LYNDEE WALKER kicks off the cozy mystery segment of the Trade the Day blog-a-thon. She's joined by featured giveaway author JOHN CLEMENTfor MYSTERY LITE SO YOU CAN TURN OFF THE LIGHTS! Read more »

Are You Afraid?

By - February 26, 2013

We live in a culture of fear, where everywhere you turn, someone is telling you what you should be afraid of next. Plane crashes account for very few deaths in comparison to say, automobile accidents, but media sensationalism surround plane crashes causes far more folks to be terrified to fly than to climb into their Buick. The number of shark attacks is relatively low- in 2008, only one shark fatality was reported as opposed to the 709 deaths related to faulty toasters (Side note: Perhaps the title of the movie should be changed from the Brave Little Toaster to the Deadly Little Toaster). And yet, while we're over here worrying about plane crashes and sharks, here are a few more things we aren't worrying about that maybe be we should be. Read more »