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The Department of Driver's Circuses

By Colby Marshall - March 24, 2016

There's just nothing like a trip to the DMV. The lead up alone is enough to make you snap your twig. But why not make the most of your time sitting so close to strangers that you know the exact Taco Bell menu item they had for lunch by making everyone wonder why the phrase going postal took such root when no one has yet coined a term for the epidemic of involuntary committals caused by a place that is supposedly dedicated to public safety. Read more »

Their Names Just Oversold 'Em Something Awful

By Colby Marshall - March 23, 2016

The Most Underwhelming Animals. Their Names First. Their Pictures Second. Expect the Unexpected. It Won't Be Pretty. Read more »

Ten Ways to Spot Someone Who Needed Their Kid to Teach Them the Internet

By Colby Marshall - March 22, 2016

This post doubles as a public service announcement, both to raise awareness of common hazards, as well as to educate those at risk of these harmless, somewhat naive, often ignorant, but usually very annoying behaviors. This blog acknowledges that a subset of the digital immigrant population remains unaware that certain internet habits are hilariously foolish at best, ridiculous & harmful at worst, and we at this blog are dedicated to pointing out that fact as thoroughly & sarcastically as possible while maintaining a kind-spirited, all in good fun approach. After all, we all have a lot to learn in life, so we present this true-to-life list with the hope that you'll get a laugh or two out of it...and also the address for**** Read more »

10 Crazy Things People Will Do on Facebook That They Won't in Real Life

By - January 24, 2014

Tthe advent of and rise in popularity of social media has served not just to highlight that people, as a whole, are more than a little quirky. This new medium of social interaction has also served to unleash new horrors to the masses and cultivate amongst them a feeling that these eccentricities aren’t odd at all. Call me crazy, but I doubt you will after you read this list and recognize many of your friends on it—and gasp! Maybe even you… Read more »

A New Year is Upon Us!

By Colby Marshall - January 23, 2014

Ah, the New Year’s Resolution. That thing we hear about every end of December (and won’t hear about again after the second week of January until the next December). Seriously, Blog Club, what is up with people thinking they need to make lists upon lists of things that finally, this year, they’re going to get done? Read more »
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