Come Join the COLOR BLIND Blog Tour!

By Colby Marshall - November 13, 2014

Whether you see them on twitter, the events page of this site, or three months after they post, here's a handy guide of where to find me as I tour the blog-o-sphere to celebrate the release of Color Blind, the first in my new Dr. Jenna Ramey series.  I'll keep this updated as stops are added. Each stop will be added after it's tour post has gone live in order to link to the actual post.  I hope you'll drop by and say hello!

*10 Things to Know About Pitching Agents and Editors: 

             Find out the worst mistake I made while trying to land and agent, and why you should                  never mix business with magical creatures.

*Claudia's 7 [Won't Fess] Up Biscuits:

            She might be a psychopath, but she sure can make some tasty chow. And fortunately, if             you make this recipe, you can be sure no arsenic was added.  So fluffy, they're fit for an               asylum!

*Disclaimer: Any Resemblance is Purely Coincidental: 

            Find out if I write about people I know in my books, how my main character and I are                   alike (and how we aren't), where all authors get their ideas (yes, I'm speaking for                         everyone), and the two latest things I've come to suspect about my devious nemesis.