TRADE THE DAY Featured Author: Barry Lancet

By - August 20, 2013

On August 23, starting at midnight, I will be hosting a special event called Trade the Day: Spotlight on Team Alaina. During this twenty-four hour blog-a-thon, proceeds from sales of my new book, The Trade, made on my publisher's website at will go to benefit Team Alaina for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. In the weekdays leading up to the big event, I will continue to introduce you to two of the day's scheduled special guests, some which will be guest blogging, some who will be hosting giveaways of autographed books and other goodies, and some who will be doing both!  Get to know this fantastic group of people right here, and come back on August 23 to join us for a day of 24 hours, 23 guest authors, and 1 goal...a cure.

Meet our next featured author:



American Barry Lancet has lived in Japan for more than twenty-five years.  His former position as an editor at one of the nation’s largest publishers gave him access to the inner circles in traditional and business fields most outsiders are never granted, and an insider’s view that informs his writing.  He is currently planning the follow-up to his thriller JAPANTOWN, also featuring Jim Brodie.  For more information, please visit  


Five bodies. The perfect murder.  One clue. 

When an entire family is senselessly gunned down in San Francisco's Japantown, antique dealer and reluctant private eye Jim Brodie receives a call from a friend at the SFPD. As an American born and raised in Japan, Brodie has advised the local police in the past, but the near-perfect murders in Japantown are like nothing he's ever encountered.

Using his extensive Asian contacts and fluency in Japanese, Brodie follows leads gathered from a shadow powerbroker, a renegade Japanese detective, and the elusive tycoon at the center of the murders. Step by step, his search takes him from the crime scene in California to terrorized citizens in Japan.

What Brodie unearths shocks him. Wishing to turn back but knowing the only way is forward, he focuses on the deadly secret that threatens not only his life—but also the lives of his entire circle of family and friends.

"This is a terrific debut from a talented and very promising writer. Nimbly written and atmospheric. Lancet ... depicts a rich mixture of art and violence, the past and the present, east and west."



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