TRADE THE DAY Guest Author: Dee Garretson

By - August 15, 2013

On August 23, starting at midnight, I will be hosting a special event called Trade the Day: Spotlight on Team Alaina. During this twenty-four hour blog-a-thon, proceeds from sales of my new book, The Trade, made on my publisher's website at will go to benefit Team Alaina for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. In the weekdays leading up to the big event, I will continue to introduce you to two of the day's scheduled special guests, some which will be guest blogging, some who will be hosting giveaways of autographed books and other goodies, and some who will be doing both!  Get to know this fantastic group of people right here, and come back on August 23 to join us for a day of 24 hours, 23 guest authors, and 1 goal...a cure.

I'm thrilled to introduce our next guest author:



I write, and read, and then write some more, in between juggling the rest of life. I live in Ohio with my husband, two children and two cats in a cluttered house surrounded by semi-wild gardens. A dog is on the wish list (my list, not the cats' list).

I grew up in Mt. Pleasant, a small town in Iowa, spending my time outside playing in the woods, or helping my father build his offbeat inventions, and writing stories. When it came time to decide on a college, I thought I would try out city life for a change, and so I moved to Massachusetts to attend Tufts University, where I obtained a degree in International Relations. 

Degree in hand, I quickly realized I was not meant to work inside in an office, and  because I had become obsessed with plants, I decided to get a degree in Landscape Horticulture, as a way to get back outside. I worked as a landscape designer and taught landscape horticulture classes for several years before returning to writing.  


Art student Clary Ashton can't imagine a more perfect spot to study painting than Paris in the spring of 1878, until she witnesses a body thrown into the Seine, the body of Liam Heaton, another art student whose origins are a mystery. What Clary thinks is murder becomes much more as Liam's secrets come to light. Clary's own brother is accused of the murder, but in trying to clear him, she finds caught between two dangerous men- a political extremist days away from a royal assassination, and the young intrepid British secret agent, Reese Tretheway, who is determined to stop him. 

Clary, brought up like a gypsy in the wilds of American, finds her skills at roasting lizards and hunting rabbits little use in seeing behind the treacherous sophistication of Reese and of those who hold the key to Liam's death. Reese manages to hunt revolutionaries without ever wrinkling his evening clothes or revealing his own secrets, all of which Clary finds maddening. When Clary realizes she knows too much and has become a target of the revolutionaries, Clary and Reese have to tolerate each other long enough to save Clary's brother and try to stop the assassination, or face the possibility of losing their own lives. Book club reader's guide included.


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Be sure to come back August 23 for a guest post from Dee Garretson and your chance to win a giveaway of a signed copy of The Gargoyle in the Seine during the AFTER DINNER BETRAYAL segment of TRADE THE DAY (between 7:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.)!  Also, be sure to visit during the FOUR HOURS OF FRIGHT segment (between 2:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m.) for your chance to win signed copies of Dee's middle grade novels, Wolf Storm and Wildfire Run!


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