TRADE THE DAY Featured Author: Robert Rotstein

By - August 13, 2013


On August 23, starting at midnight, I will be hosting a special event called Trade the Day: Spotlight on Team Alaina. During this twenty-four hour blog-a-thon, proceeds from sales of my new book, The Trade, made on my publisher's website at will go to benefit Team Alaina for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. In the weekdays leading up to the big event, I will continue to introduce you to two of the day's scheduled special guests, some which will be guest blogging, some who will be hosting giveaways of autographed books and other goodies, and some who will be doing both!  Get to know this fantastic group of people right here, and come back on August 23 to join us for a day of 24 hours, 23 guest authors, and 1 goal...a cure.

It is my pleasure to showcase our next featured author:



Robert Rotstein grew up in Culver City, California, then the location of the famed MGM Studios and so the true “Hollywood.” At an early age, he became hooked on legal dramas—not only Perry Mason, the archetype of the legal mystery, but also on the politically charged The Defenders—lawyers solving crimes and doing justice.  Perhaps it was inevitable that Rotstein would one day become an attorney whose practice focuses on the entertainment industry, and later a writer of novels about a lawyer. During his legal career, he’s represented Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Lionel Ritchie, John Sayles, James Cameron, and all the major motion picture studios, among others.  Rotstein's Corrupt Practices (Seventh Street Books, June 2013) is about Parker Stern, an L.A.-based attorney, who takes on a legal case against a powerful, dangerous religious cult.

Rotstein asks that you visit the website Help Keep A Sister Alive, and Facebook page, where his friend and colleague provides information and observations about ovarian cancer and other cancers.



A Los Angeles church, considered by some to be a powerful cult, charges Rich Baxter with embezzling millions. Rich reaches out to former colleague and star trial attorney Parker Stern to come to his defense. Parker despises the cult, but he hasn’t entered a courtroom since developing severe stage fright after his mentor, Harmon Cherry, committed suicide. Rich claims that Cherry did not kill himself—he was murdered by someone connected to the church. At first, Parker doesn’t believe it . . . until disturbing events force him to question what’s really happening. 

As the case takes an unexpected turn, Parker surprises himself and agrees to take on the church. But to represent his client and uncover the truth he must overcome his own long-buried secrets.


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